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She Interacts

Organises informal, relaxed, and exciting events that connect people and places with music and other live performances.  

She Interacts brings together businesses, audiences and artists of various nationalities, interests, languages, and cultures to create a special sense of community. The company was created by Sarah Farrell to organise cultural events in Switzerland and promote unique and memorable experiences.

Want to transform your event into an unforgettable occasion?

With our network of partners, we can plan and execute your event with a combination of live music performances, food, and drinks. Wherever it takes place, we’ll create a memorable, vibrant atmosphere for everyone to delight in. We can also organise performances for charity and fundraising. Together, we create lasting relationships and make everyone feel more alive and integrated.

Looking to perform in Switzerland and connect with local audiences?

We create opportunities for performing artists of various nationalities who are proficient in English and German – musicians, poets, actors, and others – to perform live in Switzerland in private and public venues. Whether it’s a paid engagement or a cultural exchange, we provide the logistical support to connect performers with new audiences and boost recognition.

about sarah

Sarah Farrell spent her early childhood in Italy, grew up in the UK, and has also lived in Australia and Spain. When she arrived in northern Switzerland in 2017 and settled near Baden with her husband and three young daughters, she set out to learn German and connect her family with the surrounding community. Sarah discovered that her philosophy of always having an open door was shared by the neighbours, and her house became a welcoming place for people to meet. The small, informal concerts she organised in her garden quickly turned into local cultural events with many artists and guests.

Organised, helpful, and creative, Sarah welcomes new ideas and is a natural catalyst for making things happen. Her gift for interacting with people results in true collaboration based on collective solutions. Sarah’s events are valuable tools for building relationships because of the cultural connection and unique atmosphere that simply lets the magic unfold.

Portrait by Ella Lacey Photography

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Sarah is organised, reliable, can speak many languages and is very good at interacting with people. Sounds simple but few people have those skills.

David Scott, Technical Director, Tornado Storage Solutions, UK
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"Her energy is captivating, and her enthusiasm makes other people feel they can do anything. Sarah has an innate magical leadership skill, something I suspect cannot be learned."

Lexie Harrison-Cripps, Photo and Video Journalist, Mexico City, MX
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"Sometimes we make decisions and want to do something, but we need some direction. Sarah is a perfect sparring partner and will think about things we probably don't even consider."

Chris Mossop, Singer-Songwriter, Edinburgh, UK


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